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The company is actively involved in building the biogas and biomethane market in Poland, so that our competences could significantly contribute to the development of this area of the economy. Our team, together with partners, conducts continuous analytical and design works, using many years of experience.


For our clients we design and implement agricultural biogas plants and biomethane biogas plants.

We want to become the market leader in Poland in the field of biomethane.

We invite investors from Poland and abroad to cooperate with us.

We offer

Solutions compliant with the RED II guidelines and the principles of sustainable development that protect the environment and climate

Locations selected by us in terms of the supply of raw materials and the possibility of producing biomethane

Handling administrative proceedings, including: Project Information Sheet, Zoning Permit, Environmental Decision, Building Permit

Project’s environmental impact reports

Full scope of construction and working designs

Obtaining an environmental decision and building permit

Investor cost estimates and bills of quantities (also for the needs of the tender process)

Technical specifications for execution and acceptance of works

Preparation of the Terms of Reference for tenders

Turnkey construction of installations or supervision over the implementation of a biogas plant as a substitute investor.


Time devoted to a thorough analysis, project audit, is the time of improvement. Usually, it allows you to avoid making wrong investments.

After the initial technical concept of the project has been developed, its detailed formal, legal and environmental analysis can be conducted.

On this basis, a program and spatial study is created, supplemented with the entire spectrum of financial information.

At this stage, a variant analysis of the available technologies and their suitability in a specific situation is carried out.

Complementing the technical part is a preliminary cost model. The presentation of several variants of possible solutions allows to better choose the direction of further work on the project and to prepare a feasibility study.

This study is the basis for making the final decision to start the investment.


  • Experienced team

  • Design potential

  • Technological partnership with leading solution provider

  • Completed works for the largest companies in the country

  • High environmental standards

  • Technical potential

  • Financial potential

About Us

TOREN SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA was established in September 2011. From the beginning, the shareholders of the Company and its employees and associates used their knowledge and previous professional experience to create an engineering company dealing with innovative solutions on the Polish market, including in particular the implementation of the Biogas Plant 2.0 model, including – in addition to the standard technology of agricultural biogas plants – innovative technologies: pressure-temperature hydrolysis with disintegration for processing waste biomass as a substrate for biogas plants (HCT-D) and biogas purification to biomethane.

TOREN SA offers its engineering services, including consultancy and preliminary analyzes, design, implementation of investments in the “turnkey” system, warranty and post-warranty service, operation supervision, in the following thematic areas:

  • agricultural biogas plants and biomethane biogas plants,
  • hydrothermal and thermal processing of biomass, substrates for biogas plants,
  • cogeneration and trigeneration systems,

In cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology, for several years we have been renting a laboratory in which, for our needs, tests of the gasification of various substrates, including especially poultry manure, are carried out. We commission similar tests to the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. We conduct research for current and potential customers based on their raw material. This gives us a special knowledge of this difficult substrate.


At the same time, we have established cooperation with the owners of technologies from the USA and Germany, which technologies allow us to use poultry manure in an amount exceeding 50% or even 100%!

We have already obtained 4 building permits in Poland in this field, and 2 of them are entering the construction phase this year. We are starting to implement another 10 projects of this type also in Poland on the order of foreign clients.

So far, the TOREN company has obtained a patent for an invention entitled “Syngas cooling and purification method”.

In the period 2013-2016, the company developed the following patent applications for its needs and on behalf of clients:


  • The method of carbonization of loose and powdery carbon materials
  • Oil gas treatment method
  • The method of quasi-continuous pyrolysis of rubber waste
  • The method of hydrothermal carbonization of organic waste


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